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The soft-textured tongue cleaner helps to remove up to 96% more odor-causing bacteria, and the raised cleaning tip provides better access to the posterior area. Soft rubber polishing cups offer gentle stain removal, and the tapered bristles provide better access to the gingival margins.




Some Feel-Good News for a Change....Addressing Oral Health Disparities and Underserved Populations

Plans are underway for the first Summer Campers “BACK-TO-SCHOOL-CAVITY-FREE!” initiative, a collaboration of the New Orleans...

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Oral Health: Take a peek into the future

Tomorrow at the ADA Annual Session in Denver, a new publication will be launched covering science, policy...

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Students Earn New Playground by Recycling Toothpaste Tubes and Brushes

Going green pays off in a big way for a New Jersey school. Elementary students in Wood...

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