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Flight Dental's A12 Operatory System

The A12 delivers comfort and versatility to both patient and clinician.

Flight Dental Systems introduces the A12 Operatory System, an ergonomically designed chair that provides excellent comfort and functionality for both clinicians and patients. Its exceptional range of motion, coupled with its durability and sensible value, results in a package that delivers superb affordability and functionality.

The A12 Operatory System offers a smooth and powerful hydraulic chair with a large range of motion between 14.9 in and 32.3 in, dual 180-degree rotatable arms for dentist and assistant trays, and a swing-mounted delivery unit for left- and right-hand capability. The thin backrest and synchronized seat movements provide optimal space and access for the dentist and close positioning to the patient.

In addition, Flight Dental Systems offers a new Italian-designed Polaris LED operating light upgrade on the A12 Operatory System with a patented color temperature adjustment. Combined with its industry-leading 5-year warranty, these features make the A12 Operatory System an ideal solution for any practice. 'Bob Alaburda

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A12 Dental Operatory Package
Technical Specification
Accessories: Optional LCD Monitor Mount - Optional G.Comm LED Light
Mounting: Chair Mount
Warranty: 5 years
Vacuum System: Central
Integrated Modules: 2 x 3 Way Syringes - HVE - Handpiece Holder For Scaler
Chair Features: Hydraulic Motor With 380 mm Lowest Position - Dual 180 Rotatable Arms
Type of Delivery System: Adjustable
Assistants Instrumentation: HVE
Purge System: Yes
Handpiece or Module Connection: ISO-B (4 Hole)
Dental Light Description: Color Temperature: 3,800 / 4,300 K - Light Intensity: 12,000 / 23,000 Lux
Computerized Monitor Integration: Optional
Operatory Package Includes: Luxury Deluxe Doctor Stool - Delivery System - Cuspidor - 2 x Foot Controls - Optima Light
Disc Type Foot Control: Yes
Specialty Specific: No
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A12 Operatory System
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