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1) The Sterisil Ac is designed to quickly produce distilled quality water in areas with low to moderate levels of total dissolved solids TDS) in municipal water. Compact in design, it can easily fit under any sink. It eliminates the need to carry large jugs of distilled water. 2) With ten times the filter life of the Ac, the Ac+ is designed for use in areas with moderate to high levels of TDS in municipal water. Producing up to 50 g of distilled quality water per day, the Sterisil Ac+ offers the simplicity and convenience of the Ac and also includes class B ultraviolet irradiation to pre-treat dental water. For the busy dental practice requiring autoclave water with absolute minimal maintenance time, the Sterisil Ac+ offers a hassle free solution.3) For the practice with the high efficiency instrument washer, Sterisil presents the AcW. Offering all of the convenience of the Ac+, the AcW is the most efficient and flexible of the Ac family. The AcW will produce up to 200 g of water per day while still purifying it to 0 ppm TDS. With its large capacity, the AcW can simultaneously supply the practice with directly plumbed water to its instrument washer, while additionally fulfilling the practice’s tabletop autoclave water needs. The design of each Ac unit is meant to minimize maintenance time while also reliably producing distilled quality water. With both audible and visual alarms, the Ac Series takes the guesswork out of water purification. Whether it’s the Sterisil Ac, Sterisil Ac+, or the Sterisil AcW, you will know when your unit requires maintenance; you will know what to do when it does; and you will know that your Ac unit will be ready to supply your office with autoclave water that contains zero parts per million total dissolved solids (0 ppm TDS). When it is time to replace the cartridges, you no longer have to hassle with disconnecting tubing and mopping up water spills. The Ac series is equipped with automatic shut-off valves for each cartridge – simply twist off the use cartridge and twist on the new one. No tools needed, no hassles and no water spills.


Case Study

Case Study

FIRST LOOK: Sterisil AC Series

Sterisil Ac series offers simple, customized water purification for autoclaves and washers. Sterisil developed its need-specific Ac family of water purification products based on feedback from dentists and dental industry workers. Their overwhelming message: they needed a simpler solution to deliver purified water for use with tabletop autoclaves and instrument washers. Dentists found that other distillers on the market were bulky, difficult to maintain, and had limited daily capacity. Recognizing the need for consistent, on-demand water for tabletop autoclaves and instrument washers, Sterisil designed each Ac product to minimize maintenance time...

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Ac Series
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