Accolade SRO

Product Description
Accolade SRO from Danville is a Thixotropic flowable composite. The composite is designed to easily conform without collapsing and provides excellent polishability and handling. Available in shade A2 the 5g syringe is excellent for all flowable composite applications.


Accolade SRO Flowable Composite Shade A2, 5 g Syringe - Accolade SRO Flowable Composite Shade A2, 5 g Syringe
Technical Specification
Body_Viscosity: Flowable
Color: A2
Package Quantity: Each
Shade: A2
Sku# 91387
Accolade SRO A5 Flowable Composite Syringe 5g
Sku# 91388
Accolade SRO Extra Light Flowable Composite 5g
Sku# 91389
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Accolade SRO
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