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Minimize Waste, Maximize Use AccuDose tubes and plugs offer dentists the ability to prepare materials in any single-use disposable tube that is then placed in any C-R Syringe (Centrix, Shelton, CT) for ready application at the dentist’s fingertips. The use of a dispensing system such as this eliminates the need for the dentist to repeatedly move from pad to mouth, saving procedure time and eliminating the potential for cross-contamination. Made with Photobloc orange tint that blocks the wavelength that light cures resin materials, AccuDose tubes preserve the working time of photoinitiated resins while also providing transparency. As a result, the dentist can see the amount of material in the tube, which helps to better manage dispensing and the use of the appropriate amounts of material. The combination of light blocking tinting and transparency provided by AccuDose tubes minimizes waste and maximizes the use of a variety of light-cure restorative materials. An Option for Any Material Offered in 4 different styles, there is an AccuDose tube and plug for the direct application of virtually any flowable material. The Low Viscosity tube and plug are ideal for medium viscosity materials such as flowable composite and cements. This style of AccuDose tube and plug offers a tapered angle to facilitate placement, and the tip size can be easily customized by clipping the tip to create a larger opening. For universal composites and thicker core buildup materials, the High Viscosity tube offers a larger opening and an angled tip. This option provides dentists with the ability to better control the placement of larger increments of restorative material during procedures. The AccuDose NeedleTubes come in 2 sizes—19 and 20 gauge—with a bendable blunt tip. These NeedleTubes aid in the very precise placement of low viscosity materials such as cements, base liners, and core materials. They are well-suited for the placement of material into post holes and proximal boxes. A more complete fill without voids or porosities is achievable. Dispense flowable materials directly into the base of a post preparation and then backfilling while maintaining the tip of the dispenser in the material. The last style of AccuDose tube available is the RibbonTube, which offers a slender but wide profile for dispensing a thin ribbon of material. This is ideal for placing both luting cements and composites during veneer procedures. A Variety of Materials The High Viscosity tubes are available pre-filled with a variety of materials to further save dentists time. The restorative materials available from Centrix in filled AccuDose tubes are SuperCure Core Buildup materials, Tempit Moisture-Activated Temporary Sealing and Filling Material for sealing the access cavity between visits during root canal treatment, Tempit Ultra for temporary fillings lasting up to a full year, and VersaLite Hybrid Resin Composite for esthetic direct restorations. Cost-Effective Accuracy Whether the dentist prefers to prep and fill AccuDose tubes directly or to purchase them pre-filled with restorative materials from Centrix, the end result is more accurate placement of the desired amounts of material, the elimination of voids, and the reduction of material waste. Because AccuDose tubes and plugs are custom filled chairside and disposable, they are cost-effective. Available in 100 and 500 packs, Centrix offers AccuDose tubes and plugs in pack sizes that facilitate trial and volume usage for added economies for the dental practice.




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AccuDose from Centrix
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