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ACE ALL-BOND TE is a dual-cured, all-in-one, etch-and-rinse adhesive that lets you prime and bond in 1 simple application. With the ACE Dispenser, BISCO offers the stability of a 2-component adhesive with the convenience of a 1-bottle adhesive. Available in the convenient ACE Dispenser or bottles.




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Universal Bond Worth The Few Extra Seconds
This bonding agent is an old school, multi-step product, with improved science, that gives superior results when compaired to the other multi-step products on the market, let alone the "quickie, I don't give a damn what happens down the road" offshoots that play to a practitioner's greedy side. While it does take two or three more minutes per application, the money that can be saved in the practice by not having complaints of sensitivity and/or redo's more than makes up for the extra time spent. I have not had a single failure when the product was used within the proper parameters (i.e, dry field, no blood, proper occlusion. It can be used to bond not only composite, but posts, composite luting cements, even amalgams. The auto dispensor system eliminates the problem of an assistant getting different sized drops or too many drops of one component over the other. (Also less messy than the two-bottle system.) Over all, a real workhorse for modern dentistry.
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