AdheSE DC Activator

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AdheSE DC Activator is indicated for several uses. It is indicatd for adhesive cementation of indirect metal-free restorations or metal-free posts, such as FRC Postec Plus, with dual or self-curing composites, such as Variolink II. It is also indicated for direct restorations and core build-ups with dual- or self-curing composites, such as MultiCore. AdheSE DC Activator has high bond strength, covers all indications of adhesive dentistry, and saves time since it does not require etching. According to the manufacturer, it is safe and features easy handling because of its color-coded bottles and application wells. AdheSE DC Activator does not require a separate light curing and does not require refrigeration.




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Name: Nathan Vassiliades, DDS Dental School: Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) Years in Practice: 4 Specialty: General Practitioner Practice Location: Queen Creek Smiles ; Gilbert, AZ Favorite Dental Products: CEREC Omnicam with IPS e.max CAD There are myriad new dental products being thrown at dentists with promises of fixing x, y, and z. These products are expensive. I think that it is important to have our peers try out these products and give an unbiased opinion. With this we can see...

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AdheSE DC Activator
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