Adper Prompt L-Pop

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It also provides an aggressive enamel etch and a higher viscosity that allows for a more uniform, consistent layer. Plus, it’s self-etching to reduce post-operative sensitivity and is supplied in unit-dose packages.


Adper Prompt L-Pop Self-Etch Adhesive L-Pop Applicator Giant Pack, 100/Pkg
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 100/Pkg
Packaging: 100/Pkg
Sku# 41926
Adper Prompt L-Pop Self-Etch Adhesive L-Pop Applicator Refill Pack - 40/Pkg
Sku# 41925
Adper Prompt L-Pop Self-Etch Adhesive L-Pop Applicator Economy Pack - 500/Pkg
Sku# 41928
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I love it
<p>I use this on crown preps,and all fillings.I was amazed -a number of years ago 5-10??,at how my phone calls from patients complaining about hyper sensitive teeth after treatment just totally ended when I started to use this product.I love the ease of use and do not ever remember a dosage that did not have the proper&nbsp;mix, or a good brush tip.I find that after years of working with it I am just as happy now as when I started.Only way it could be easier would be if it applied itself.</p>
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Adper Prompt L-Pop
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