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Designed To Be a Practice Builder AFFINITY Quick Bite delivers a rigidity and accuracy that makes mounting models easy, even for multiple units and those that lack a posterior stop. This means less time adjusting crowns and bridges and more time treating other patients. Putty, heavy body, and wax lack the stability, detail, and rigidity to make the same claims. Resin-Based Chemistry Where most other bite registration materials are reinforced with sand (silica), Quick Bite’s unique resin-reinforced chemistry makes it nonbrittle and therefore, will not crumble when carved or trimmed. Four Features of a Rock-Solid Bite Registration With so many options available, the specialized chemistry of AFFINITY Quick Bite is what has set it apart from other materials: Quick Bite has an intraoral set time of 45 seconds for a quick, timesaving technique. For accurate relation of opposing casts, the bite registration must have zero bounce and must be able to be trimmed without crumbling. Quick Bite has a high durometer hardness of 90, while maintaining a consistency that allows the laboratory to work with it. The advanced chemistry of Quick Bite captures exquisite detail and demonstrates long-term accuracy, free from distortion, minimizing the need for post-insertion modifications. AFFINITY Quick Bite contains no silica. The addition of silica to most bite registration materials makes them too brittle to resist cracking. These features make AFFINITY Quick Bite easy to use for both clinicians and laboratories, while delivering reliable, consistent bite registrations.

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