Aladdin TE Adhesive

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Sultan's Aladdin Total Etch Adhesive is powerful, effective, and easy to handle. The Aladdin Total Etch chemistry ensures a strong bond to both dentin and enamel.




How to Keep Dental Instruments Cleaner While Prolonging Their Life

Hygiene is the cornerstone of any reputable dental practice. Of course, hygiene is paramount to patient safety. Before an instrument is sterilized, visible debris must be removed or else it will interfere with microbial inactivation and can compromise the disinfection process. However, aggressive cleaners can remove the passive layer of an instrument, costing your practice money to replace frequently used items. Since you can’t compromise safety, the question remains: How do you keep your dental instruments cleaner while prolonging their life?  Dental instrument cleaners are broadly categorized as general purpose and enzymatic. Both have advantages and...

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Aladdin TE Adhesive
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