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They are reliable, durable, and easy to clean. Alegra offers a robust turbine, standard 4-hole backend, or swivel type that uses the Roto-Quick coupler for 360-degree rotation, delivering ease of use and quick connect/ disconnect capability. Additionally, Alegra high-speed handpieces offer the same quality support that comes with all A-dec products.

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Alegra 300 TE-97LQ
Alegra 300 TE-98LQ

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Solid and comfortable
I have been using this handpiece for about a year and a half. In terms of reliability they have been quite good. I have 3 (I think) of these a-decs, one older bien-air, and a few NSK/Brassler. Given the choice, I usually grab the a-dec. The head angle and overall shape work for me. Its still way heavier than any air driven, but I've been using electric for so long, the air driven all feel wimpy. I'd buy them again.
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Good High-Speed
Ti is very easy to use, good quality, easy to maintain.
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