Alpen SwissFlex Discs, 80/:Pkg

Product Description
SwissFlex Discs can be used on composite, amalgam, glass ionomer cement, semi-precious and precious metal for contouring, finishing as well as polishing to a high luster. Metal-free center protects restorations from damage Mandrel snaps into disc, alleviating slippage Swiss quality

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Alpen SwissFlex Discs, 80/:Pkg

Alpen SwissFlex Discs, 80/Pkg - Contouring, Super Coarse, 3/8" Diameter
Sku# RP232020RA
Alpen SwissFlex Discs, 80/Pkg - Contouring, Super Coarse, 1/2" Diameter
Sku# RP232019RA
Alpen SwissFlex Discs, 80/Pkg - Finishing, Coarse, 3/8" Diameter
Technical Specification
Color: White
Grit: Coarse
Package Quantity: 72/Pkg
Shank: HP
Shank Size and Type: 3/32"
Shape: 14
Type: Adjusting & Removing Scratches
Sku# RP232022RA
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Alpen SwissFlex Discs, 80/:Pkg
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