Aluminum Crowns, 5/:Pkg

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Aluminum Crowns from Parkell are designed to save you time by eliminating lengthy axial shaping during preparation. Crowns feature pre-carved occlusal surfaces as well as tooth shaped cross sections. Available in 9 different sizes all marked with the size and quadrant to provide added convenience. Available in packages of 5.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Aluminum Crowns, 5/:Pkg

Aluminum Crowns, 5/Pkg - BL04 Bicuspid Lower
Sku# S700-BL04
Aluminum Crowns, 5/Pkg - BL06 Bicuspid Lower
Sku# S700-BL06
Aluminum Crowns, 5/Pkg - BL05 Bicuspid Lower
Sku# S700-BL05
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Aluminum Crowns, 5/:Pkg
Parkell, Inc.
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