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Because Amazing gloves are thin and flexible, they conform to the clinician’s hands, delivering high tactile sensitivity, while being strong and safe enough to stand up to the stress of any procedure. In addition, Amazing gloves are made with a textured surface on the fingers for precise and strong gripping capabilities. According to Aurelia Gloves, its new “Zero-Touch” technology of 100% machine-packed gloves provides wrinkle-free gloves and hassle-free dispensing. “Zero-Touch” technology eliminates human contact to prevent possible cross contamination. Available through major dental distributors, Amazing gloves are packed 300 per box, as opposed to the standard 100, for convenience and a smaller environmental impact. Emphasizing its commitment to the environment, the Supermax Healthcare division of Aurelia Gloves will open a new LEED GOLD certified green warehouse building by the end of 2013.

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good value
300 gloves in a box is a real plus! Fit is good, grip not as good as I'd like though.
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Great Fit
The gloves are a great fit and thus far have been our office favorite.
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gloves are amazing
gloves have great tactile sensitivity and grip. they are packaged in boxes of 300, and do not stick to each other. they fit my hands very well and are quite comfortable. Product very rarely has any defects.
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I like the title
the gloves felt good
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