Anchor Core Build Up and Luting Cement

Product Description

Repeat winner of the Townie Choice Award in the Core Build Up category, Anchor is an innovative core build-up material with dual-cure chemistry packaged in an automix cartridge or an automix push syringe. Anchor has been formulated to provide superior compressive strengths with stackability for easy use in core applications. At the same time the material is easily pressed into place, which allows it to be used as a luting cement. Incorporating the superior compressive strengths into both the core build up and luting cement provides an ideal support structure for all indirect restorations.

Anchor is a dual-cure material, so you are assured the material will completely cure in any situation. Anchor can be used as a core build-up material, cement for pins or posts, and luting agent for delivering crowns, veneers, etc. The chemistry is compatible with common composites, compomers, and bonding agents. Anchor is extremely radiopaque, and contains fluoride. Anchor is offered in both tooth shade (A2) and opaque white.

• Easy to place
• Incredibly easy to clean up
• Bonds to tooth structure
• Easily contoured and prepared immediately
• High strength and modulus
• Cutting resistance similar to tooth structure (carves like dentin)
• Tooth shade under ceramic crowns and veneers
• Compatible with all bonding systems
• Fluoride releasing
• Highly radiopaque
• Dual cure

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Anchor Core Build Up and Luting Cement
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