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Anew narrow body implants are designed to fit where no others can because of their narrow diameters of 1.8, 2.2, and 2.4 mm. They are ideally used in cases where there is limiting space, converging roots or narrow ridges. Anew can be used to protect grafting sites, maintain soft tissue architecture, and for patients with financial constraints. Anew can also be used for emergency repairs and immediate bridge stabilization. Anew’s prosthetic components provide patients with a fixed restoration at the time of placement so patients never have to go without teeth. The nonhygroscopic screwcap abutment allows for the implant to be easily monitored and for the restoration to be altered and adapted to a permanent crown. The Anew Implant Restorative Protocol was developed in conjunction with the Department of Implant Dentistry of the New York University College of Dentistry. —Bob Alaburda


Anew Pack of Two 1.8 mm7 mm
Sku# ST-18S-R
Anew Pack of Two 1.8 mm10 mm
Sku# ST-18M-R
Anew Pack of Two 1.8 mm14 mm
Sku# ST-18L-R
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Case Study

Case Study

Implant Bridge Restoration

A 39-year-old female presented to the offi ce with a chief complaint of ?my lower left bridge is loose.? The patient had a medical history signifi cant for anxiety and she was taking Effexor (Pfi zer) with no known food or drug allergies. Her dental history included the placement of a large span fi xed bridge from teeth Nos. 17 to 21 four years before the case presentation. Because of inadequate embrasure form, she was unable to keep her bridge clean and she developed recurrent decay under tooth No. 21. My diagnosis was that teeth Nos. 17 and...

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