Angle-Ease Colorz Adjustable HVE Tips

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The disposable HVE tip has 12 locking angle adjustment positions that allow it to meet treatment and operator requirements. It offers excellent ergonomics and operator comfort because it adjusts from a straight bayonet position to a 90-degree angle. This design allows it to easily reach any quadrant, while lowering fatigue and easing strain on the wrist by reducing hose tension and drag.




Give Your Patients Something to Smile About!

Believe it or not, my kids have always loved going to the dentist.  I suspect it has something to do with the fabulous prize they get to choose at the end of the appointment. Before her last dentist appointment, my daughter actually told me “I can’t wait to go to the dentist!”  I had to feel her forehead to make sure she wasn’t running a fever.   When faced with an unpleasant experience, people often joke that “this is about as much fun as having a tooth pulled.” Here are some ideas on how you can...

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Angle-Ease Colorz Adjustable HVE Tips
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