Anterior Quad-Tray X2

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An ill-fitting crown that requires occlusal and interproximal adjustments can add unnecessary chairtime and can compromise the integrity of the prosthesis. As well, the entire profit from the case can be lost if a remake is required. To ensure predictably accurate impressions and virtually eliminate remakes, Clinician's Choice has developed the Quad-Tray family of metal dual-arch impression trays. According to Clinician's Choice, the rigid Quad-Tray design eliminates the distortion commonly experienced when using flexible plastic impression trays—distortion that often goes unnoticed until the clinician attempts to seat the prosthesis. The latest addition to the Quad-Tray family is the new Anterior Quad-Tray X2, an inflexible but customizable, ultra-rigid dual-arch tray with unique properties that ensure accurate, detailed impressions and restorations that fit. Inflexibility Runs in the Family Eliminating distortion is a key factor with dual-arch impressions, since any tray deflection can result in a seating challenge or failure. Clinician's Choice states that the Anterior Quad-Tray X2's ultra-rigid aluminum construction prevents flexing, dramatically reducing the incidence of anterior impression distortion. The impression tray does not flex when the patient closes during insertion or due to the hydraulics of the impression material, and does not rebound when removed. This rigidity provides clinicians with a more dimensionally accurate impression, and therefore a better fitting restoration that requires less adjustment. It's All in the Detail Capturing the most amount of dentition detail ensures the dental laboratory can properly articulate stone models and deliver accurate restorations. With this in mind, Clinician's Choice developed the Anterior Quad-Tray X2 to capture teeth as far back as the second premolar, so adequate occlusal detail is recorded. In addition, the tray’s wall height is sufficient to encompass the height of anterior teeth, thereby creating more hydrostatic pressure at the gingival margin to capture greater marginal detail. The tray's side walls are perforated to lock impression material to the tray, rendering the impression more stable. Cured material does not separate from the tray walls and does not distort upon removal from the patient's mouth Handling Is Key Clinician’s Choice designed the handle of the Anterior Quad-Tray X2 to be ergonomic, allowing easy and efficient placement and removal from either the left or right side. The handle’s "key shape" design can overcome the challenge of the delivery from assistant to dentist, and dentist to patient, and allows for a firm, comfortable grip. This feature simplifies insertion and gives the clinician greater control. Anterior Quad-Tray X2 Options Clinician's Choice designed Anterior Quad-Tray X2 to solve many of the challenges clinicians face when taking impressions. The tray's rigidity and reliability allows dentists to increase practice profitability by reducing chairtime and virtually eliminating costly retakes. The Quad-Tray is also available as a posterior tray (Quad-Tray Xtreme), and extended length, full quadrant tray (Quad-Tray XL). All trays are 100% recyclable. Anterior Quad-Tray X2 is available in packs of 50 and as part of the Quad-Tray Trial Pack, which includes 20 Quad-Tray Xtreme (posterior), 20 Quad-Tray XL (full arch), and 10 Anterior Quad-Tray X2 impression trays.

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Anterior Quad-Tray X2
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