ApexitPlus Root Canal Sealer

Product Description
Apexit Plus is a calcium hydroxide based root canal sealer paste. It is used for the permanent obturation of root canals and it is suitable for use in conjunction with all obturation techniques involving gutta percha. • Radiopaque, nonshrinkable • Excellent tissue tolerance • Durable sealing of the root canal due to the slight setting expansion • Convenient application (automix syringe and intracanal tip enable easy direct application) • 3 hours at room temperature working time Contains: 2 (6 g) double push syringes, 15 mixing tips and 5 intracanal tips

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Apexit Plus Root Canal Sealer
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 2 (6 g) double push syringes, 15 mixing tips and 5 intra canal tips
Contains Eugenol: Yes
Package Quantity: Each
Quantity: Syringe (6 mL)
Base Composition: Calcium Hydroxide
Complete Sealer |No Gutta Percha Necessary|: No
Hand Mix or Syringe Delivery: Syringe
Sku# 593991

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ApexitPlus Root Canal Sealer
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