Aquasil Ultra – Smart Wetting® Impression Material DenPlant Introductory Trays Kit

Product Description
Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting Impression Material from Caulk is the first and only retractionless, cordless, one-step system that combines superior tear strength with extremely low contact angle, which assists in creating optimal restoration. The vibrant colors and wide varieties of Aquasil Ultra's tray and wash materials make it easier to read the impression and are available in 4 time settings that suit a variety of clinical scenarios. It is used with B4 Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer, which reduces surface tension and allows Aquasil Ultra to flow into hard-to-reach areas, providing a quicker procedure. The B4 Surface Optimizer also equalizes and optimizes surfaces, allowing Aquasil Ultra to provide optimal detail and strength. Its fresh mint scent creates a more pleasant patient experience. Aquasil Ultra is available in digit Targeted Delivery System, a unidose system for easy wash material application, 50ml and 380ml cartridges.




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Aquasil Ultra – Smart Wetting® Impression Material DenPlant Introductory Trays Kit
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