Aquasil Ultra Xtra Deca Impression Material

Product Description
Aquasil Ultra Xtra Smart Wetting Impresion Material is ideal for long span/full arch cases in which longer intraoral work times are needed. Superior tear strength keeps impression from tearing or distorting during removal from mouth or separation from model Hydrophilicity allows for better adaptation to tooth structure and sulcus Fast removal time provides optimal comfort for patients

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Aquasil Ultra Xtra Deca Impression Material

Aquasil Ultra Xtra Deca Impression Material Tray Material Standard Pack
Technical Specification
Body_Viscosity: Tray
Contains: Contains 2 (380 ml) cartridges tray material, 20 Dynamic mixing tips and 1 bayonet locking ring
Flavor: Mint
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 678715
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Aquasil Ultra Xtra Deca Impression Material
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