Arti-Spot® High Spot Indicator

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Arti-Spot® is a contact color for testing the accurate fit of crowns, inlays, onlays, telescoping crowns and clasps and the friction surface of debris. Solvent can also be used to test high spots on highly polished occlusal surfaces such as gold or ceramic. Can be applied with a brush Solvent evaporates in seconds, leaving a thin film 3 µ thick Every contact destroys the color skin exactly at the point of contact The base material then shines clearly through and high spots can easily be detected Can easily be removed after use Food dye contained in Arti-Spot® is completely safe

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Arti-Spot High Spot Indicator - For Metal White
Sku# BK-85
Arti-Spot High Spot Indicator - For Porcelain Red
Sku# BK-86
Arti-Spot High Spot Indicator - For Frictions Blue
Sku# BK-87
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Arti-Spot® High Spot Indicator
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