3M ESPE's Protemp Plus Temporization Material

Author : Frank Delvalle
Published Date 06/02/2011
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3M ESPE?s Protemp Plus Temporization Material

Although this unique bis-acrylic material has a long-standing track-record of good results, the product continues to evolve and improve.

With a proven track record of high fracture resistance, Protemp Plus Temporization Material from 3M ESPE has gained a reputation since its introduction in September 2008 as being the clinician?s ?go to? material for use with single- and multiple-unit temporaries, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and long-term temporization.1

This unique bis-acrylic material was the first to feature a new generation of sophisticated fillers, a result of advances by 3M ESPE in nanotechnology, and this product continues to evolve. Based on postlaunch consumer feedback, 3M ESPE identified the need for an additional darker shade as well as an opportunity to improve the natural look of the bleach shade. Starting this spring, a new A3.5 and enhanced bleach shade is now available, expanding the product color palette to 6 esthetic shades.

Outstanding Esthetics

3M ESPE describe Protemp Plus as having outstanding esthetics with a natural gloss that does not require polishing or glaze. Because of the nanotechnology incorporated into the material, the temporary surface is smooth, so that simply cleaning the temporary with ethanol alcohol achieves the desired gloss.

Protemp Plus pigments match well with the fluorescence of natural teeth, creating temporaries that look natural in various lighting conditions. All of the Protemp Plus shades are designed to match the VITA (Vita Zanfabrik) Classic Shade Guide and to work with 3M ESPE?s Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Restorative.

The material?s improved surface quality allows Protemp Plus to hold color better than other materials, which is a benefit in long-term situations. According to 3M ESPE internal data, Protemp Plus held up better against several other competitors when the material was immersed in coffee for 3 days.

Easy Plaque Removal, Easy to Use

In addition to maintaining color stability, the improved surface quality also makes it easier to remove plaque from temporaries. In a 3M ESPE in vitro experiment with full human saliva-based plaque, Protemp Plus Temporization Material showed excellent properties that allowed for easy plaque removal and cleaning.

Dentists find this material easy to use, as a Dental Product Shopper evaluation published in 2009 revealed. Eleven dentists were asked to rate ease of use. With regard to ease of use, 9 evaluators rated Protemp Plus as excellent, 1 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator said that it was ?very easy and straight-forward.?

Recommended by Many

Field tests conducted in 2008 by 3M ESPE, involving more than 200 dental offices throughout Europe, found that dentists rated this material?s attributes very highly, leading to an overall satisfaction level of more than 90%. This high satisfaction rate was also the case in the Dental Product Shopper evaluation.

More Choices Than Ever

Now offering more shades than ever, Protemp Plus continues to evolve. Boasting strength that helps reduce fractured temporaries, clinicians often turn to this product because they know its performance will be reliable and prevent return visits to the office for repairs.


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