5 Great Reasons To Adopt a Handpiece Maintenance System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/11/2014
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Routine handpiece maintenance can be a major time investment. Ignoring it can be even costlier. DENTSPLY?s Midwest Automate is designed to solve this problem, offering an automated handpiece maintenance system that increases practice efficiency and extends handpiece life.

DENTSPLY?s Midwest Automate fully automated handpiece maintenance system saves time and improves turbine life.

DENTSPLY Midwest Automate

What?s hiding in your handpieces? Taking an ?out of sight, out of mind? approach could mean high repair and replacement costs coming out of your wallet. Check out the evidence below for proof positive of the silent handpiece killer and the potential benefits of proper upkeep.


  A shorter maintenance procedure frees up staff time for other activities, making the practice more efficient.


green plus

  Effectively remove trapped debris to promote long-lasting handpiece turbine life.


red line

  Optimize long-term performance. A clean handpiece is an efficient handpiece.


brown pig

  Reduce repair and replacement costs. Less maintenance and fewer breakdowns is moneyin your pocket.


  With a 3-year warranty and all-steel construction, the Midwest Automate system is built to last.shield