5 Standout Features of Bisco’s Versatile, Lower-Viscosity Core Material

Author : Victoria Jordan
Published Date 05/11/2015
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Retaining the properties and benefits of Bisco's clinically proven original CORE-FLO DC, CORE-FLO DC Lite offers the added benefits of self-leveling lower viscosity and easier extrusion from the automix syringe. Multipurpose CORE-FLO DC Lite can be used for core buildup and post cementation, and as a dentin replacement material. High compressive and flexural strengths ensure clinical success with direct restorations. The clinician can cement the post and build-up the core with a single application. CORE-FLO DC Lite is radiopaque for ready identification on radiographs. CORE-FLO DC Lite can give clinicians the confidence that their corebuild up material will handle well, fully cure, prep/cut easily, and create a solid foundation.


CORE-FLO DC Lite is a dual-cured, self-leveling, low viscosity core material, ideal for cases where a band may be required, lower viscosity is desired, or initial subgingival margins are present and not visible (e.g. fractured cusp).


CORE-FLO DC Lite is indicated for core build-up, post cementation, and as a dentin replacement material.


CORE-FLO DC Lite’s low shrinkage and high compressive and flexural strengths offer the clinician reliability and durability when fabricating direct restorations.


Fluoride-containing CORE-FLO DC Lite is available in 2 shades: Natural/A1 or Opaque White and are easily dispensed by hand or with optional dispensing gun.


The CORE-FLO DC Lite intro kit is available with UNIVERSAL PRIMER, a low-film thickness, dualcured adhesive/primer designed for the dentist who prefers not to light cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations.