A12 Operatory System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/20/2013
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About 3 years ago, I decided to update one of my operatories and replace its aging outdated equipment. The last time I replaced the delivery system in another treatment room, the manufacturer had to rectify numerous problems that occurred. This time, I was determined to do my homework to ensure a smooth installation with a system that met my exact needs. My research led me to Flight Dental Systems? A12 Operatory System.

Patient Chair, Practice Benefits

What originally made me take note of the A12 Operatory Systems? patient chair was its esthetics?sleek lines and a narrow profile. But after having it in my operatory, what I like most is how it accommodates the way I practice; it has a 10 o?clock or 12 o?clock delivery with an assistant area as well. The chair?s narrow back gives us plenty of room to maneuver while getting easy access to patients. I can also program chair settings that I use regularly. Another important feature is the chair height can be adjusted from about 12.5-in from the floor to almost 3 ft high, and it can recline into the Trendelenburg position. I do a lot of surgeries and extended procedures, and the chair?s flexibility has been indispensable. Both of the A12 Operatory System?s armrests swivel 180° so patients can get in and out easily. For even more patient comfort, the backrest and seat movements are synchronized, moving with the natural position of the human body. The chair accommodates patients of any size and incorporates lumbar and neck support with a double articulating headrest.

Long-Lasting LED Lighting

When I put together the package for the A12 Operatory System, I did not include the monitor mount, but I chose the Gcomm Polaris LED Operatory Light. Compared to my other lighting, this LED is cooler, consumes less electricity, and lasts much longer?the bulb life is about 50,000 hours. And the light is useful for shade matching and showing me the true colors on oral tissue. I can manually adjust color temperature to 4200° K for better visibility and less eye strain.

Value and Support

After researching other products on the market, I found the A12 Operatory System to be the best value for the price. When the equipment was delivered to me, it had to be broken down, brought into the building, and re-assembled because of space restrictions in my office. Additionally, a support beam was scratched during transport, and Flight Dental Systems replaced it promptly. The A12 Operatory System is a major improvement over what I had before, and I am pleased with all features from the convenient either-side instrument delivery for myself and my assistant to the excellent range of motion. Between the ergonomic setup (I no longer have to slouch over patients) and LED lighting (my vision has vastly improved), the A12 Operatory System has made procedures faster and more efficient, and has made everyday practice much less stressful.