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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 11/18/2014
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BURLINGTON, MA, Nov 7, 2014?Peter Vanstrom, DDS, spoke to attendees at Dental Learning?s Updates in Contemporary Dentistry meeting, emphasizing the importance of nonsurgical periodontal care and oral cancer screening for oral care and health. He covered several aspects of these, including the use of technology and incorporating protocols that improve and maintain oral health while encouraging patient acceptance.

Nonsurgical Periodontal Care

One of the most important areas in the practice for patients is the dental hygiene department. According to Dr. Vanstrom, recent advances in this area include the use of technology during nonsurgical periodontal care, as well as the ability to improve jrtreatment and ergonomics. He recommended the use of loupes, not only for dentists and dental hygienists, but also for dental assistants to benefit treatment and chairside assistance. He also talked about the use of piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers that include the ability to irrigate the area with water, as well as chlorhexidine or fluoride during scaling. Dr. Vanstrom addressed the relatively low cost of technology needed for the hygiene department and the opportunity for revenue generation. He mentioned several pillars of success, including selecting an ultrasonic scaler that includes irrigation, using laser therapy during nonsurgical periodontal care for curettage and bacterial reduction in pockets, using locally applied antibiotics, and the importance of home care.

Patient Communication

Dr. Vanstrom emphasized the importance of patient communication, stating that it is necessary to involve patients in their diagnosis and to make sure that they understand the need for full treatment to bring them back to oral health. He recommended showing patients charts and diagrams that are easy to understand and to use these to explain the stage of disease patients have. Dr. Vanstrom also recommended using a standard form letter to obtain understanding and agreement from patients for their treatment. He also addressed the importance of making a favorable impression during the first telephone call with a patient?the first opportunity to make an impression.

Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Vanstrom spoke about the necessity of performing regular oral cancer screenings. ?Performing an annual oral cancer screening is the standard-of-care, and using an adjunctive device such as the VELscope or ViziLite Plus system during screening helps me more easily detect potential cancers and pre-malignant lesions. Then, if I see anything at all suspicious, I immediately refer the patient,? he stated.

Products in Practice

In a separate interview with Dental Learning, Dr. Vanstrom said that he uses a diode laser during nonsurgical periodontal care, and for locally applied antibiotics, he uses either Arestin or Atridox depending on the number of pockets needing treatment. He said he uses DenMat?s ProSelect ultrasonic scaler because it is easy to use and allows him to irrigate with chlorhexidine, fluoride, or water during treatment as well as DenMat loupes. Dr. Vanstrom also mentioned recommending the Rotadent brush to patients for home care. For oral cancer screening, he mentioned using either the VELscope or ViziLite Plus as a part of screening.