Are Disposable Performance Handpieces Finally Within Our Reach? Azenic Answers With a Solid Yes

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/26/2011
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There are a number of companies that manufacture very reliable high-speed handpieces. They are more consistent, more efficient, and more reliable than ever before. However, with that reliability comes a price. The units on the market today?whether air driven, electric, or hybrid?can be expensive to maintain and the turbines and bearings can be costly to replace. While the high-speed handpiece has been the workhorse of our practices, we tend to use them in harsh conditions like removing older cast restorations or fillings. The chattering torque on the chuck can wreak havoc on the handpiece. It is in this exact situation that a disposable handpiece like the Azenic DHP can save you from destroying your more expensive unit.

There are several reasons why a disposable handpiece just makes sense.


Using a dental handpiece for removing old restorations is very hard on the precise machinery and will accelerate the break down of the turbine and bearings. Add to that the overuse of burs, which means less efficient cutting, and we are putting more pressure on the unit than it was designed to take. Electric feedback hybrid units and true electric handpieces have more torque but still are expensive to set up and maintain in a busy practice.


The Azenic DHP is a great option for surgical extractions because it does not use chip air to cool the bur. Chip air is delivered through the tubing to the handpiece and bur to keep the heat down on the cutting surface with either air or water and frequently both. This decreases the chances of an air embolism during a surgical extraction.

Infection Control

Some patients may have a compromised immune system or are dealing with an unknown condition. While sterility of dental instruments and operatories are the standard of care today, this disposable sterile handpiece removes any doubt about cross contamination and is an ideal solution to many of the clinical settings where there may be unknown risk factors. It is a simple one time use and dispose handpiece, allowing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that each unit is guaranteed sterile.

Easy Backup

I have run into these situations many times: Patients are scheduled back to back and through lack of foresight, not all instruments have been through the sterilizer and a patient has to wait for the cycle to finish. When the handpiece comes out it is still hot and I have to wait for it to cool to use it. Wouldn?t it be great to know that you can just attach and go without any delay just for those few occasions when this happens?

Low-Cost Alternative

The Azenic DHP is not intended to replace your everyday handpiece. The intent is to increase the longevity of your more expensive handpiece by using this as an alternative in more demanding situations. Tests show it runs comparable to many standard handpieces, and for the low introductory price, it is what I consider a ?no brainer? to have in every dental office.