The Art of Endodontics

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/28/2013
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MELVILLE, NY, June 14, 2013?Dr. Ron Kaminer discussed the art of endodontics at the Updates in Contemporary Dentistry event recently held in Melville, NY. Speaking to a full room of attendees, he explained how proper techniques and useful products help endodontic procedures in any dental practice.

Dr. Kaminer began his hour-long lecture by stating that the 3 key factors for endodontic success are debridement (cleaning and shaping), disinfection, and obturation. When all 3 of these factors are performed well, the endshould be a successful root canal treatment.

Dr. Kaminer mentioned, however, that  endodontic cases fail, and the main reason stems from the anatomy of the root canal system. He continued, "With better instrumentation and sonic irrigation, our success rates for endodontic therapy will increase."

The Importance of Irrigation

Dr. Kaminer stressed the importance of irrigation throughout his lecture. He said that this is a critical step. "It is important create enough straight line access so that we can get irrigants into the apical third. We can do that with syringes or sonically," said Dr. Kaminer.

If there are failures in the mesial and secondary canals, Dr. Kaminer suggested, "What I have found is that going back in there to find it will often lead to success." He said that starts with irrigation and better instrumentation.

Sonic for Success

In regards to useful products, Dr. Kaminer suggested using sonic handpieces because he said they can assist in debriding the upper third of the root canal system. A 2001 study (Peters et al) showed that 35 to 50% of the root canal system remained untouched when only rotary files were used.

Dr. Kaminer said the use of sonic handpieces greatly helps his practice. He said he uses both sonic handpieces and rotary files for high quality results in a short period of time. In addition to time savings, he said he achieves reduced chair time and sees added revenue to his practice.

Lasers and Periodontics

Dr. Kaminer also briefly mentioned the use of lasers for periodontics. He said, "Perio is a complicated disease. You have to use products that work." He said he uses lasers regularly in his practice for a variety of procedures, including periodontics.

Ending his lecture, Dr. Kaminer stated, "Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come!"

In an interview with Dental Learning staff, Dr. Kaminer said that endodontic product manufacturers today are producing good endodontic products. He said that he uses Medidenta's MM 1500 Sonic Air for cleaning, shaping, filing, apical surgery, and irrigating. Since it is a handpiece, he said it requires no installation and it is autoclavable. He also stated that it can cleanse an isthmus.

Dr. Kaminer said he uses Medidenta's Revo-S in his practice because it has 3 cutting edges located on 3 different radiuses: R1, R2, and R3. This creates an asymmetrical cross section, or a "snake-like" movement of the instrument inside the root canal. He also said he uses Medidenta's One Shape because it gives him complete canal shaping with only one single file in continuous rotation.

For perio needs, Dr. Kaminer mentioned using DioxiCare and DioxiRinse along with laser periodontal therapy.