Beautifil II

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/22/2013
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Beautifil II has employed unique chemistry to establish more than 13 years of clinical success.


Beautifil II is designed for direct restorations of all classes that require optimum esthetics and biocompatibility. This fluoride-releasing, highly esthetic, universal nanohybrid composite was the focus of a 13-year clinical study from the University of Florida set to be released this year. This study found that "Twenty-five (61%) of the 41 restorations observed had either excellent or satisfactory ratings after 13 years of placement." The researchers continued, "These overall positive results may be related to the unique Giomer filler particles."

In a Glass by Itself

The science behind Beautifil II helps set it apart from the competition. Beautifil II is a Giomer product, so it incorporates Shofu's surface pre-reacted glass (S-PRG) technology. S-PRG fillers are obtained by reacting acid-reactive, fluoride- containing glass with polyacids in the presence of water. Beautifil II?s S-PRG fillers release fluoride and recharge, and the fluoride is responsible for reducing tooth mineral solubility, encouraging remineralization of tooth enamel, and decreasing the acid production of cariogenic bacteria. In addition to the S-PRG fillers, discrete nano fillers (10 to 20 nm) are included in the filler structure to obtain a filler load of 83.3% by weight for fast and easy polishing with an outstanding surface luster that remains over time. This proprietary process, according to Shofu, combines the strength and esthetics of a conventional composite with the ability to release and recharge fluoride and 5 other ions that are known for their bioactive properties that can inhibit bacterial colonization and minimize plaque adhesion.


Shofu's Beautifil II offers excellent shade matching through its chameleon effect, with optical characteristics designed to imitate the natural esthetics of both dentin and enamel combined. It is also naturally fluorescent and radiopaque. Beautifil II is supplied in prefilled tips or syringes in a wide selection of shades. The syringe has a one touch cap that enhances dispensing and delivery during build-up of restorations. According to Shofu, the material's thixotropic properties offer easy sculpting without slumping or sticking. Beautifil II is fast and easy to polish, creating an excellent surface luster that is long-lasting.

As Reviewed in Dental Product Shopper

In 2012, 15 Dental Product Shopper evaluators evaluated Beautifil II. At the end of the 4-week review period, 12 of the 15 evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend Beautifil II to colleagues, and 9 said they would definitely or probably purchase this universal composite in the future. Overall, Beautifil II received a score of 4.1 and earned a "Recommended" rating. A pediatric dentist with 37 years of experience said, "As a pediatric dentist, the 'holy grail' has always been to develop a fluoride-releasing composite. We may have reached our goal."