Bluephase Style LED Curing Light: True Ergonomics with Powerhouse Features

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/09/2013
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Find out why David Hornbrook, DDS, believes Bluephase Style:

  • Is the "do-all" workhorse for curing all dental restorative materials.
  • Provides reliable, durable performance with its inductive charging format.

When I?m deciding if I should purchase a new curing light, I consider many factors. The Bluephase Style LED from Ivoclar Vivadent fits the bill on all accounts.

Manufacturer Reputation
The first thing I consider is the manufacturer?s reputation. I want to make sure I know that the manufacturer has done its due diligence to ensure that the curing light actually performs up to its claims. With a manufacturer like Ivoclar Vivadent, I am confident of both.

Comfort and Convenience
The next consideration is ergonomics. I prefer a unit that is lightweight, comfortable, and that offers convenient access to the on/off button. I also require a light that gives me access to all areas of the mouth. Bluephase Style meets these requirements. The availability of different curing tip sizes also falls into this category. In my practice, I must have a 2.0 mm tacking tip as well as a broad 8.0 mm to 10.0 mm tip to cure larger areas?Bluephase Style has this. It is lightweight (4.2 ounces) and compact (9.5 in long), and with its balanced weight distribution, anyone can use it comfortably with either a pen or pistol grip. Additionally, the light probe tip is shortened for comfortable curing in hardto- reach areas.

Curing Versatility
Current resin cements and restorative resins incorporate different photo initiators. Because of this, we must have a curing light that emits light with wavelengths to polymerize all of them. Historically, although with many limitations, halogen lights had the upper hand because they emitted the correct wavelengths to meet all needs. For 10 years, I used 2 lights: the bulky halogen to be my ?cure-all? workhorse, and an LED as a convenient portable light that I could use when I knew what photo initiator was used in the material I was placing. Bluephase Style uses a multi-diode format (Ivoclar calls it Polywave), giving it one of the broadest output ranges (from 385 nm to 515 nm) of any halogen or LED curing light on the market.

Last but not least, I want durability. A common drawback of LED light technology has been the need for an external- conductor battery that enables the transfer of the recharge from the base charger. This works for cameras and cell phones, but with the harsh environment in clinical dentistry where we use chemical disinfectants and work in a moist environment, these batteries and chargers are not effective. With the Bluephase Style, Ivoclar incorporates inductive charging, similar to what?s in power toothbrushes. This eliminates the metal connections that can become corroded and creates a smooth, sleek contour that is easily wiped down and cleaned after patient use. The lithium-polymer battery provides 20 minutes of continuous curing with a 2-hour charge.