Category Spotlight: ClearCorrect

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/02/2018
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Custom clear aligners offer clinicians esthetic results for patients through strength, flexibility, and ease of use

Ask any patient if they’d prefer traditional braces or clear aligners to straighten their smiles, and the answer will be clear. Although clinicians are faced with multiple options when it comes to choosing clear aligners for their patients, treatment from ClearCorrect is flexible, affordable, and effective—making it a popular choice.

“I have begun using ClearCorrect almost exclusively for my clear aligner treatment,” said Dr. Melissa Shotell, a clinician practicing in Sorona, CA.

The Clear Edge
There are many factors that make ClearCorrect clear aligners a desirable choice, including their high strength and durability. Designed at the company’s headquarters in Round Rock, TX, they are optimized for stress retention and clarity, while staying resistant to stains and cracks.

“The strength of the aligners sets them apart from other aligners on the market. I have not encountered any problems with trays cracking, breaking, or distorting during treatment,” said Dr. Shotell.

Although she noted that minor tooth movements and retreatment cases are managed quickly and efficiently using ClearCorrect aligners, they are also effective in treating a wide range of patient cases—from spacing and overcrowding, to misalignments involving crossbite, overbite, and overjet.

Another defining factor is their user-friendliness. Clinicians can easily upload scans and digital x-rays from nearly every intraoral scanner on the market. Once a treatment setup is created, it can be viewed as a 3D model in a web browser or on a mobile device 24/7—making it simple to share treatment plans with patients.

Clinicians don’t have to fear being left in the dark either. ClearCorrect support specialists are available for questions or issues by phone, email, or chat. “The customer service at ClearCorrect is some of the best I have experienced in the orthodontic industry, matched with an excellent product," said Dr. Shotell.

Customized Treatment
For Dr. Shotell, who specializes in orthodontic treatment, ClearCorrect’s flexible financing was a big selling point, as clinicians can choose either Flex or Unlimited payment options based on their practiceneeds. With Flex, pay only for each treatment setup you approve and  for each aligner or retainer you request. On the flip side, an Unlimited option covers as many setups and appliances you’ll need to treat and retain the teeth of one patient for 5 years under a single rate.

“I was looking for flexibility to place and remove attachments throughout treatment to give detailed movements,” said Dr. Shotell. “I also wanted to be able to make modifications throughout the treatment process and order aligners as needed. The Unlimited case from ClearCorrect gives me this flexibility.”