Cavitron Tap-On Technology

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/05/2012
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Cavitron Tap-On Technology

An ergonomic redesign addresses clinician comfort and ease of use.

Cavitron has been a mainstay in the dental office since 1957 when the first standalone ultrasonic scaling system was introduced. Since then, DENTSPLY Professional has continued to make improvements based on the most current research and the needs of clinicians and patients.

The most recent Cavitron innovation is in response to research that shows nearly one-third of dental health professionals cite musculoskeletal disorders as the reason for early retirement.1

The One-Tap Solution

One drawback of ultrasonic scaling is the need for the clinician to maintain pressure on the foot pedal during use, which could result in leg strain. To address this issue of discomfort, DENTSPLY Professional created Tap-On Technology as part of the redesign of both Cavitron Plus and Cavitron JET Plus.

This new technology allows the user to activate scaling or air polishing with a single tap on the foot pedal. The clinician can then rest the foot during the procedure. With the Cavitron JET Plus, the prophy mode auto-cycles automatically alternate between air polish and rinse without touching the pedal.

Efficiency, Power, and Control

An additional power option provided with the newest generation of Cavitron Plus and Jet Plus units includes the single-push turbo mode. This mode provides up to 25% greater power and hands-free boost activation simply by pressing the pedal to the floor.

In addition, the finer water control of the redesigned Cavitron units allows for precise and convenient adjustment of lavage on the handpiece to the preferred setting.

Along with these new enhancements, Cavitron Plus and Jet Plus include the features that have made it a go-to tool for so many years?BlueZone for improved patient comfort, an autoclavable handpiece provides assurance against contamination, and single-push rinse and purge modes.

Trusted Technology

For more than 40 years, Cavitron systems have provided dental professionals with technology they can trust to ensure the best care for their patients. This latest innovation continues that tradition.


1. Hill KB, Burke FJ, Brown J, et al. Dental practitioners and ill health retirement: a qualitative investigation into the causes and effects. Br Dent J. 2010;209:E8.