CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/05/2014
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Zest Anchors incorporated clinician input into the development of CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material. Designed for ease of use and predictability, ZEST Anchors formulated CHAIRSIDE, an attachment processing material that eliminates the need for a primer and allows for curing flexibility.

Save Time, Save Money

Using a primer has become accepted practice when using a pick-up material in implant cases; however, ZEST Anchors developed a material that removes this step from the process. CHAIRSIDE does not require that primer step, helping clinicians save time at the chair, as well as reduce the product costs often associated with this procedure. In addition, CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material comes with 2 mixing tips?15 traditional tips, as well as 15 angled tips. These angled tips make it possible to easily access tight spaces and fill in voids without using a brush, reducing material waste and cost per case.

Application in a Snap

CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material has been formulated for ideal viscosity to ensure accurate application. The material also bonds to itself for simple void fills and touch-ups. The flexibility of CHAIRSIDE?s dual-cure capability puts control back in the hands of clinicians. The material can be allowed to cure by itself or it can be light cured.

Keeping the Patient in Mind

The success of any dental procedure is contingent upon many factors, the most important being the patient experience. The ZEST CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material was designed with the patient?s comfort in mind. It can auto cure in minutes or can be cured with light in approximately 30 seconds with no drastic increase in temperature, ensuring the patient is comfortable during the pick-up process. Also in an effort to keep the patient in mind, ZEST Anchors developed CHAIRSIDE to be odorless and tasteless.

A Complete Solution
ZEST Anchors, the manufacturer of the LOCATOR Attachment and LOCATOR Overdenture Implant (LODI) System, has a history of developing trusted overdenture products. With the introduction of CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material, the company provides clinicians with a more complete solution for treating their overdenture patients.