Class II Restorations

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/23/2014
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Before DENTSPLY Caulk bundled 5 of its products together as a dedicated system for Class II composites, I had been a long-time user of several key features of the system. I had always used Enhance and PoGo for my finishing and polishing?a simple, fast and effective way to produce high shine and luster on composites. Long before Palodent Plus was introduced, I had been a huge fan of the sectional matrix concept. Currently, I don?t deviate from the products in the Class II solutions system because they all function so well together, increasing my comfort level and ensuring high success rates. The only exception: I use glass ionomer as an adjunct to the system for bases and biodynamic liners.

Complementary Components

Each of the products in the DENTSPLY Caulk Class II system complement the others, and each plays a critical role in the restorative process. ? Palodent Plus: In my opinion, Palodent Plus is the best sectional ring system available on the market, from the active separation created by its NiTi ring, to the wedges and precontoured bands.

? Prime&Bond Elect: Universal bonding agents are the way to go. In addition, I prefer thin bonding agents (like Prime&Bond Elect) that are less likely to pool in proximal boxes nor be mistaken as decay on a bitewing. Prime&Bond Elect has also significantly reduced the incidence of postoperative sensitivity.

? SureFil SDR flow: This is one of my top-5 ?cannot practice without? products. SureFil SDR flow is a selfleveling material that creates unsurpassed adaptation to cavity walls and offers a high conversion rate with a 20-second cure. I can bulk fill it, saving valuable chairtime by eliminating the need for incremental placement.

? TPH Spectra: As a former dental lab tech, I love the handling. When placing the low-viscosity version of TPH Spectra, I can sculpt it as if I were waxing a crown. (It also comes in a high-viscosity version). I also get natural- looking, esthetic results with its simplified shading system and chameleon effect.

? Enhance/PoGo: This simplified 2-step finish and polishing system gives excellent results quickly and efficiently. For intermediate or final finishing, I use Enhance after diamonds or carbides to easily get a really smooth, well contoured surface.

Meeting Patients? Needs

With the economy still struggling, many patients are opting for large direct restorations rather than indirect restorations. I have had numerous cases where I was able used these products to successfully build up teeth in resin and therefore provide patients with an excellent service: predictable and long-lasting results on a budget. Using all features of the Class II solutions system has made practicing ?hero-dontics? just that much easier.

It?s been estimated from insurance claim submissions that 45% of all billed direct restorations are Class IIs. Having a systems-based practice to streamline productivity is key. The simplicity of already knowing exactly what tool to use at every stage of the technique lets me focus more on procedures and patients. The name of the game in today?s private practice is efficiency, and I love knowing that I have this Class II thing in the bag.