Clearfi l SE Bond

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/07/2011
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Clearfil SE Bond

Kuraray Dental?s self-etch bonding agent is one of the most popular choices among clinicians.

Offering the first total-etch product in 1978, the Kuraray Dental name has become synonymous with pioneering research and development in dental bonding agents.

Keiko Shoji, marketing manager for Kuraray America, noted that Kuraray?s popular self-etch bonding agent CLEARFIL SE Bond came about after clinicians asked the company to produce a product that would reduce postoperative sensitivity and technique sensitivity.

CLEARFIL SE Bond addressed both of these issues, making it one of ?the most famous self-etch bonding agents today,? Shoji said.

A Popular Choice

CLEARFIL SE Bond is the second version of Kuraray?s self-etch bonding agent, and it is the most widely used bonding agent in the United States. This 2-step, light-cure bonding system signifi cantly reduces procedure time, while still providing excellent bond strength and sealing performance, resulting in reduced postoperative sensitivity.

The unique outer case delivery system allows direct finger control of the contents. It offers 1-step conditioning of cut enamel and dentin without rinsing and no excessive decalcifi cation. Clearfi l SE Bond allows effective marginal sealing, which helps protect against micro-leakage and offers long-term success (See Graph).

Total-Etch vs. Self-Etch

During a session at the CDA Presents meeting in Anaheim, CA, last spring, Douglas Lambert, DDS, discussed Clearfi l Bond SE and elaborated on the advantages and disadvantages of total-etch and selfetch systems. He said total-etch provides consistent etch patterns on enamel and dentin. However, disadvantages, according to Dr. Lambert, include postoperative sensitivity and post etching technique issues.

On the other hand, self-etch systems offer the benefits of less postoperative sensitivity and an easy-touse technique, according to Dr. Lambert. He called Kuraray?s CLEARFIL SE Bond the ?gold standard.? He also mentioned Kuraray?s newest offering, Clearfi l SE Protect. Introduced last year, CLEARFIL SE Protect features an antibacterial monomer that is added into the adhesive. Containing the same proprietary self-etching, light-cure technology as CLEARFIL SE Bond, plus 2 additional proprietary technologies? long-term fluoride release and a MDPB monomer, CLEARFIL SE Protect has an antibacterial cavity cleansing effect. Discussing CLEARFIL SE Protect, Dr. Lambert posed the question: ?Is this the platinum standard??

Helping Clinicians Choose

Helping clinicians decide which products are best for their needs has been a hallmark of Kuraray America?s history. In addition to CE courses and hands-on seminars throughout North America, Kuraray began hosting the Adhesive Symposium, an event that is targeted at educating key opinion leaders.

A Clinician Favorite

Shoji explained that CLEARFIL SE Bond has remained many clinicians tried and true choice for a self-etch, because ?a lot of self-etch products are focused on the process more than the result. We like to concentrate on the result first.?