DDS GP App for iPad: An Innovative Patient Education Technology

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/20/2011
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A proper case presentation has 2 goals. The first is to achieve informed consent. Of even more importance is the goal of influencing patients to make good health care decisions. Patients who are not in pain and can?t see a problem in the mirror tend to delay treatment.

Out with the Old?

Over the years, many tools have been developed to help demonstrate dental conditions and treatment and, theoretically, overcome patient objections to treatment. But our models can look scary and are hard to handle. Our pencil sketches can be hard to understand and time-consuming to create. Our posters, brochures, booklets, flip charts, and photographs are way too static and nearly impossible to customize.

Videos and computer-based demonstrations were impressive?and expensive? but they?re also too impersonal. Some practices even leave the patient alone in a room with the video. Today, videos are everywhere?even the gas station?and people have learned to ignore them.

My preference is to explain treatment to my patients side-by-side. I want to look them right in the eye to impress upon them the gravity of their dental problems and the importance of the proposed treatment.

?In with the New

Technology has now given us the iPad, and a small company out of San Diego, Kick Your Apps, Inc, has brought us a solution to all the shortcomings of the past methods. DDS GP has over 200 graphic animations of just about every dental condition and treatment, and more are constantly being added.

You can easily and clearly demonstrate treatment to your patients using the beautiful illustrations in the app. In addition to the preloaded photos and x-rays, you can add your own illustrations to the app. But that?s just the beginning. DDS GP also allows you to draw with your finger right on the screen (circles and arrows, for example) and then save the drawings.

That brings me to my favorite feature of the app. With a couple of taps, you can create and organize treatment plans for patients. Not the treatment plans that come from your practice management software, either (those are usually just a list of fees and codes). The plans from DDS GP include the same pictures you showed your patient, even your finger drawings and any of your own photos that you added. You can e-mail your treatment plan to your patient or give them a printout to take home. Amazing!

20-Minute ROI

Unlike every other media on the market, there are no subscriptions or annual fees. It?s a one-time cost of $399 or $499, depending on the version (the $499 version includes 37 audio tracks from Dr. Paul Homoly with his teachings on increasing case acceptance). This is the biggest no-brainer of all time. I recommend buying the cheapest iPad available ($499) to keep in the office for use with this App. My return on investment was about 20 minutes.