A-dec 500 Total Operatory Solutions

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/05/2012
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A-dec 500 Total Operatory Solutions

The A-dec 500 represents the culmination of years of research to provide excellent access for clinicians and maximum comfort for patients.

Introduced in 2004, the A-dec 500 chair and delivery system provide innovations in quality, function, design, and comfort. A-dec?s chair motion and back design evolved from the 1980s plastic-covered, steel-reinforced backs to presentday engineering-grade resins with a 3/16-inch thick, body-conforming shape. According to the manufacturer, A-dec 500 represents a breakthrough in chair design where both patient comfort and dental team access can exist without compromising one another.


Proper ergonomics are essential to dental team productivity and longevity, so the A-dec 500 chair is designed to accommodate clinicians of all shapes and sizes. It has an ultra-thin backrest, a slim-profile headrest, and a low base-down point of just 13.5 inches, providing clinicians with superior ergonomic access to the oral cavity. The thin backrest flexes and allows dentists to comfortably fit their legs under the patient, while working with their arms in the proper position for a healthy posture.

With the sliding headrest, clinicians can make adjustments with one hand. The chair is designed to help clinicians increase productivity and relieve stress and physical pain.

Patient Comfort

With multiple upholstery options?25 colors in the sewn chairs and 15 in seamless upholstery?the A-dec 500 chair provides patients with comfort without using thick upholstery. The A-dec 500 was developed using ?pressure mapping? for comfortable cushioning without sacrificing access to the oral cavity. Pressure mapping uses pressure points on the human body to dissipate and spread the patient?s weight. With body weight spread over a greater area, patients are comfortable without thick padding. A virtual pivot feature creates a cradling effect between backs and legs, keeping patients from readjusting when the back is raised or lowered.

Delivery System Features

Handpieces and ancillary devices are integrated into the A-dec 500 so equipment is where it is needed for efficiency. Instruments can be positioned for comfort with a rotating arm, pivoting control head, and extended tubing reach. The delivery system is designed to help reduce operatory clutter, producing organized countertops without the need for cumbersome tubing and additional wiring.

In addition to chair-mounted delivery solutions, cabinet-mounted systems are available for quick access to equipment. The A-dec 500 12 o?clock Delivery System accommodates assistants with many positioning options, so instruments can be adjusted for maximum comfort and increased efficiency.


The A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad controls handpieces and integrated ancillaries, including up to 2 electric motors. Endodontic features include programmable speed and torque settings, autosensing with auto-forward, auto-stop, and auto-reverse.

Waterline Concerns

The system?s 2-liter water bottle system includes an integrated pickup tube, reducing cross-contamination. ICX waterline treatment tablets prevent accumulation of bacteria. The A-dec 500 delivery system control block is a unique water-flow system that eliminates dead ends that harbor stagnant water. Antimicrobial AlphaSan tubing offers protection against microbial colonization.

Reliability You Can Count On

A-dec describes the A-dec 500 as a ?best in class? offering that exemplifies its reputation as a leader in innovative, high-quality products. The company uses only the highest-quality materials and reliable components, with both the A-dec 500 and other products. A-dec products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized dealers.