Dentrix G5

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/11/2012
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Dentrix G5

With Dentrix G5, dental practices can build a technology foundation for efficiency and productivity.

For more than 20 years, Henry Schein Dentrix has built a reputation as a complete practice management solution. By combining intelligent patient management with flexible clinical tools, sophisticated treatment planning, and business management features, Dentrix has helped thousands of practices grow and thrive.

Dentrix G5Building on that success, Dentrix G5 now includes an improved technology architecture, better integration and security, and improved clinical tools that can help any digital dental practice achieve success (see Dentrix G5 Features).

Security and Stability

The new technology architecture at the heart of Dentrix G5 builds on previous versions of Dentrix to provide improved security, performance, and stability. For example, the new SQL database and software engine increase the system?s reliability and performance, which can increase any dental team?s productivity.

Practice On the Go

Mobile tools are vital to ensuring a dental practice runs smoothly. The new Dentrix Mobile, one of the many enhancements included with Dentrix G5, allows dental professionals to safely and easily access patient information and view all schedules when they?re not in the office. This can be viewed from most smart phones, and more advanced capabilities are available on iPad and Motorola Xoom tablets.

Power to the People

One exciting new feature of Dentrix G5 is its open platform for integrating, connecting, and synchronizing all the technology that?s so vitally important to the efficiency and success of a practice.

This open platform encourages software developers to write integrated applications that share data with the new Dentrix G5 database. Dentrix users can improve efficiencies by extending their practice management system into more dental applications and equipment. Currently, more than 37 developers are writing Dentrix G5 compatible applications (see Developing Success).

A Complete Toolkit

In addition to the advanced technology provided by Dentrix G5, practices can incorporate Dentrix-integrated eServices to maximize productivity with powerful tools that allow the team to get more done in less time. Time-consuming tasks such as submitting insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, and processing payments can be done faster or automatically.

Dentrix eServices also can be a driving force in practice growth. When patients are more engaged with a practice, it benefits from loyalty and referrals. Features such as email click to confirm, text message reminders, online patient forms, patient kiosk and online payment options, create a unique patient experience that would otherwise be difficult to duplicate.

Through Dentrix G5 advanced technology architecture and Dentrixintegrated eServices, practices benefit by having all the tools needed to manage and grow in a digital world.