Dentrix Practice Management Software Improved Practice, Simplified Lives

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/28/2011
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A look at the Dentrix Dental Systems website gives you a glimpse of how Dentrix practice management software can save time and money by automating, streamlining, and simplifying everyday tasks. But it wasn't until about 4 years ago--when I inherited an older edition of the software from a practice I had purchased--that I truly grasped what Dentrix could do to increase our practice's productivity and optimize patient care. When I opened a new office, I purchased the latest edition (G4) with the intention of using it to its fullest potential (Dentrix G5 is now available).

Practice Management Benefits Abound

Dentrix has provided us with the means to simplify the tasks that used to consume so much time. For example, rather than wondering if a patient has actually retrieved a voicemail message (or having to make a follow-up call), we can now email and/or text our reminders, and our patients can confirm receipt with a return message--something they've told us they prefer. To make the process even easier, we can set up the reminders to be sent at intervals, eliminating any and all guesswork.

From a business standpoint, the applications are practically limitless, from managing accounts receivable and providing us with an overview of our accounting entries, to processing and electronically submitting insurance claims. We can also age our files and see which patients haven't been in for a while or who might have missed appointments. One thing we've found especially useful is the ability to look at the way we?re servicing our patients from both a clinical and profitability standpoint with programs that give us a breakdown of patient services by number and type.

All of these applications are made especially efficient by the ability to tie everything together with our basic server, allowing us to access anything and everything from each workstation. If, for example, I'm doing a filling and want to check on the patient's upcoming hygiene appointment, I can pull up the information right there, rather than leaving to go to the main computer.

Enhanced Treatment Acceptance

The greatest asset I've found with Dentrix is the increase in treatment acceptance. Patients need to trust their clinician, and trust takes time to develop. With Dentrix, I'm able to access a patient's radiographs and intraoral photos at chairside, showing them the irrefutable evidence of their condition. This allows me to educate and--co-diagnose--with the patient, who is then much more likely to comply.

An interactive patient education program called GURU further helps to explain procedures, create customized treatment plans, and send follow-up emails to reinforce what's been explained during a consultation.

The Bottom Line

Dentrix is user-friendly and intuitive. The company's support services are amazing, including the in-office training and free Henry Schein seminars. Dentrix constantly updates its programs and a day rarely goes by when we don?t find yet another way that it can improve our practice. The purchase price has proved to be an invaluable investment. In short, Dentrix has simplified our lives.