Diamond Grip Plus

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/19/2013
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Reliable protection and comfort for every procedure.

Glove-wearing by dental professionals has only been a widespread standard for a little more than 3 decades. For 25 of those years, Microflex has been supplying the profession with an array of examination gloves that deliver enhanced comfort, industry-leading protection, and greater productivity.

diamond grip plus box

The company?s Diamond Grip Plus is its flagship brand for oral health care providers, and it continues to be one of the top latex gloves sold in the dental market. Diamond Grip Plus powder-free, chlorinated, ambidextrous gloves offer features that exceed all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D 3578 standards for maximum protection, comfort, and tactile sensitivity.

Lasting Comfort, Firm Grip

Diamond Grip Plus gloves are designed specifically for everyday chairside operative and hygiene procedures, which require frequent handling and manipulation of a variety of instruments. Sporting a fully textured exterior surface, Diamond Grip Plus gloves are designed to provide wearer comfort and a consistent, secure grip along with optimal tactile sensitivity for maximum control in both wet and dry conditions. Diamond Grip Plus gloves feature a 9.5-in beaded cuff, 96.3-mil finger thickness, a 5.1-mil palm thickness, and a 3.9-mil cuff thickness?thick enough for reliable wear, thin enough for a natural feel. The gloves also exhibit a tensile strength of 22 mPa (before aging) and 20 mPa (after aging), as well as elasticity of 700% (before aging) and 600% (after aging).

Gloves for Every Hand

Natural-colored and polymer-coated, Diamond Grip Plus gloves are offered in 5 sizes from extra-small to extra-large. They are supplied nonsterile in dispenser boxes of 100 (10 boxes per case).

In addition to Diamond Grip Plus, Microflex offers a wide range of glove options specifically for dental professionals. The 6 powder- and latex-free nitrile exam glove brands (XCEED, Tranquility, UltraSense, FreeForm SE, Supreno SE, and MidKnight) all offer enhanced tacticle sensitivity, reduced hand fatigue, and reliable barrier protection. Also available are several additional lightly powdered and powder-free latex and non-latex (chloroprene and vinyl) exam gloves. All of Microflex?s gloves are offered in sizes extra-small through extra-large and some come in extended cuff styles.

Microflex Corporation was the recipient of Frost & Sullivan?s 2010 North American Protective Gloves Customer Value Enhancement of the Year Award for its industry-leading quality assurance processes.


Before/After Aging Measurements

Standard in the latex-glove industry, the before/after aging measurements refer to a property testing recommendation from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International. Before distribution, manufacturers subject gloves to an accelerated aging process by exposing them to specified temperatures for a specified length of time. This is intended to simulate conditions that the packaged gloves would experience during storage in the dental office. In addition to tensile strength and elasticity/elongation measurements, the aging process is used by the manufacturer to determine shelf life and thus the gloves? expiration date. Pay attention to this information when purchasing gloves to ensure that the gloves you buy will maintain their strength and flexibility as they age.