E4D Dentist- Tried and True Product May 2011

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/26/2011
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E4D Dentist

The E4D Dentist system efficiently scans, designs, and mills beautiful restorations chairside.

D4D Technologies stands for Dream, Design, Develop, and Deliver. Best seen in the company?s CAD/CAM unit, the E4D Dentist combines these 4 values to deliver exceptional restorations in a single appointment.

While attending the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, MA, Dental Product Shopper had the opportunity to interview Gary Severance, DDS, the VP of Marketing and Clinical Affairs at D4D Technologies, about the E4D Dentist system.


Located in Dallas, TX, D4D Technologies houses about 130 employees. However, D4D Technologies was not always the dental device powerhouse that it is today. ?It all started with a dream,? said Dr. Severance who shared the story of D4D?s beginnings:

Mark and Henley Quadling, 2 engineers from South Africa, came to the US about 18 years ago. While working at the University of Minnesota, the twin brothers began to develop ideas about digitization. One of those ideas was the ability to use a laser in scanning stone models. The brothers were able to further develop this idea for intraoral, stone, and impression use.


In creating the E4D Dentist, the Quadlings started with a large prototype that they were able to miniaturize with the help of a dedicated R&D team. About 4 years ago, D4D Technologies entered the market with the E4D Dentist system. Dr. Severance joined D4D Technologies nearly 5 years ago. ?I felt almost like I was the first guy to find gold in the Yukon as soon as I walked in and met the Quadlings and saw the procedure and the potential that the machine had.?

The system features a user-friendly procedure. ?It is very simply a procedure of scanning, designing, and milling,? said Dr. Severance.

The E4D Dentist scans differently than other systems. Using the laser, the operator can fully rotate and capture the full 3D environment. Because the system uses laser technology (as opposed to light), there is no need to powder, spray, or dust the surfaces.

When it comes to designing, operators can design on the E4D Dentist mobile cart and scanner or purchase the E4D Studio design center, which allows the cart to keep scanning as the design can be done elsewhere. ?The user interface is what makes this probably the easiest design software to use in dentistry,? said Dr. Severance.

Rounding out the system, the E4D Mill allows the dentist to fabricate the restoration. Because the milling unit has its own computer, it knows what type of material it is milling, allowing it to optimize the properties of each material.


The E4D Dentist system features Autogenesis, which according to Dr. Severance, is an innovation from D4D Technologies that is now imitated elsewhere. Autogenesis automatically customizes the restoration proposal to match the contours of the neighboring teeth and form contacts to the specified strength.

With the E4D Dentist system, sameday dentistry is easily achieved, and the average procedure time for a single tooth is about 1.5 to 2 hours. ?The key is to minimize the dentist time during that procedure,? Dr. Severance said, adding that the system encourages delegation and allows the chairside assistant the opportunity to become a Chairside Dental Designer (CDD)?a unique certification program that D4D developed several years ago.

As part of the comprehensive 2-year warranty, D4D Technologies offers Support- On-Sight for the E4D Dentist system. Upon invitation from the operator, D4D Technologies is able to remotely log in to the cart and help with scanning, designing, and milling, or for an additional fee, the D4D group will design the whole restoration (Design on Sight).


D4D Technologies? mandatory centralized education is one of the most unique aspects. ?We are one of the few companies that personally meets everyone of our customers and everyone meets us,? said Dr. Severance. This is made possible by the E4D University training. Included in the price of the system, 2 people will receive 2 days of training, on-site in Dallas, including transportation and accommodations. For the third day of training, in the US, D4D Technologies sends a Clinical Integration Specialist to the dental office for additional training and assistance.

Due to its simple procedure, educational opportunities, and roots in the D4D Technologies? values, the E4D Dentist system makes same-day creation of restorations possible. ?Elyse Fetherman