Eaglesoft 16: The Key to Business Flow in our Practice

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/30/2012
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Eaglesoft 16: The Key to Business Flow in our Practice

For 12 years, our practice has used Eaglesoft Practice Management Software to streamline our processes. We know that to be successful, you have to invest in tools that will enhance and be a partner to your business. This is something that Patterson Dental?s Eaglesoft practice management system has done exceptionally well.

We made the switch to Eaglesoft because it integrated better than our previous system with everything else we were doing, including many different technologies. It is very comforting to know that if there are issues with anything, I only have to make one call, to one source at the Patterson Technology Center, and it is solved.

We upgraded to Eaglesoft 16 when it was released last year. The new features enable us to run even more efficiently in the front office as well as the clinical side.

Clinical Support

Eaglesoft 16 makes accessing patient and appointment information easier than ever. We can see the patient history, treatment history, and details about the patient?s current appointment or procedure by simply clicking on the appointment.

Other Eaglesoft 16 features help us efficiently navigate our busy schedule. Our office has 2 doctors and 4 hygienists, with 8 chairs that all use their own schedule columns. With Eaglesoft 16, we can set up the window to show just my appointments and my hygienist?s, rather than having to decipher the schedule of all appointments.

Front Office Efficiency

If your practice is looking into a practice management system, consider its usability. With Eaglesoft 16, my office managers appreciate having the ability to dock windows because it allows them to decide how much information to display on the account, appointment, and OnSchedule windows, as well as where to place the information within those windows.

In addition, Eaglesoft 16 has a Patient Bar that provides quick access to patientspecific information. All users can customize which icons they use the most. Customization features made possible through Eaglesoft 16 are another reason it?s definitely the best practice management software on the market today.

This added flexibility allows my front office staff to change time increments in the schedule to accommodate specialty appointments and rare procedures. This can be done without changing the time units on the rest of the scheduled appointments.

The new version also automatically ages the accounts at the end of the day, saving time on end-of-day and statement processing, while keeping account balances up to date. I know my office manager also appreciates the Line Item Accounting feature. This allows her to apply a payment directly to a specific item. In addition, Eaglesoft 16 streamlines Date Based Reporting by allowing users to run financial reports for any range of dates instead of choosing a range of End of Day reports.

My staff and I also like the software?s family walkout feature, which enables the office manager to process a walkout for all family members at once, and issue one receipt for the family.

Find the Time to Provide the Best Care

Eaglesoft 16 is a great software system with many unique and time-saving features, and I recommend it to practices of all sizes. From both a business standpoint and a clinical standpoint, it?s a really slick program that does things very well for us?freeing up time for us as professionals to focus on providing the best dental care possible.