Eaglesoft 17

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/17/2014
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Streamlined, Intuitive Practice Management Software

Many times in a dental practice, when we hear that tech updates are necessary, we start unconsciously holding our breath. This is particularly applicable when we have to update a system that the entire office relies on every day, like practice management software. However, as I?ve learned over the past 7 years of using Eaglesoft Practice Management Software from Patterson Dental, there?s no need to hold your breath when you work with a reliable partner. 

My practice recently upgraded to the latest version, Eaglesoft 17.  The integration was so smooth that, after installation on a Saturday, we were able to return to the practice on Monday and pick up as if nothing had changed. Of course, several things had changed?they were just so seamlessly integrated that using the new version was completely intuitive. 

Front Office Features

The changes include new accounting details that make it easier to email account reports to patients, which has helped our front office streamline communication. We can also add multiple or bulk payments from checks more easily than in the past. A new CareCredit bridge gives us a direct link to process credit applications and automatically populates the fields with the patient?s information, something that saves us valuable time. Now, CareCredit is just a button click away, whether we?re pulling up existing accounts or creating new ones. Instead of clicking through multiple different screens on the CareCredit website and manually adding the information to Eaglesoft, we can simply click a button on the patient?s Eaglesoft account, and voila?the information is populated.

Operatory Improvements

In the back office, a new integration with the CEREC and GALILEOS lets us save information and pull it up straight from the patient?s chart. It?s a small detail, but it?s nice to have these things just one click away, instead of multiple clicks. Other new details, like an x-ray meter that tells us if a radiograph is overexposed or underexposed, help us perform our best possible work. The new features are impressive to patients too, because they can easily see the images we capture. Importing images from different offices into patient charts is easier now as well; we simply drag the images into the chart. 

Eaglesoft 17 also includes a new customizable medical history, which is great for offices like mine because we like to ask our own questions about topics like medications, sleep apnea, and bruxism history. 

No More Holding Your Breath

When choosing any software or technology, dentists have lots of choices, some of which may be bargain basement offerings. But when you consider the issue of technical support, most of those technologies can end up being more trouble than their small price is worth. We definitely feel the support we receive with Eaglesoft makes a great difference in our efficiency. Eaglesoft support is able to answer our questions right away, without the need for anyone to wait on hold for hours. I?ve been very impressed with the customer service we?ve received over the years, and I believe it?s so important to consider this factor with a software purchase. If a software provider can?t offer great support and service, then it?s simply not worth it. 

My experience with Eaglesoft has made me a loyal user, and I?m looking forward to seeing the continuing development of this intuitive yet powerful software.