Eaglesoft Practice Management Software

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/02/2011
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Eaglesoft Practice Management Software

For more than a decade, this technology has helped dentists stay on the forefront of technology.

By 2015, Washington policy makers hope to see universal adoption of electronic medical records, allocating billions of dollars in stimulus funds to ease the conversion from paper to electronic files. But Patterson Dental (St. Paul, MN) has been ahead of federal health officials in easing this transition. To help make it easier for dental offices to move toward electronic records, the company offers their Eaglesoft practice management software for free asking for a 1-year commitment to support.

The Technological Forefront

In a press release dated June 11, 2008, which announced the free software, Patterson Dental President Scott Anderson said the company?s ?primary focus is helping dentists stay on the forefront of technology.? That focus remains to this day, as the company continues to upgrade and innovate to help dentists streamline their daily practice.

In a previously published From the Podium, Dental Product Shopper Editorial Advisory Board member Charles Samaras, DMD, echoed Anderson?s comments and noted that the Eaglesoft technology enables his team to ?practice smarter, not harder.?

Historical Perspective

The Patterson brothers, Myron and John, started Patterson Dental when they purchased a small Milwaukee storefront in 1877. In the 1950s, the company relocated to St. Paul and began focusing on producing dental supplies and equipment. They led the market in innovation and in the 1980s, the company purchased the Eaglesoft technology, which is still one of the most adaptive and technologically advanced dental software packages on the market.


Patterson promises ?a complete technology offering? software, digital x-ray, hardware, and CAESY Patient Education Systems? that is designed to reduce stress and make practices more profitable. Some of the tools that are included with the Eaglesoft practice management system include Intellicare, which allows the office to set parameters to trigger a custom alert if a patient record is missing information, if the patient needs x-rays, or any number of parameters that assure better patent care; and SmartDoc, a document manager that allows offices to store information that would traditionally be in paper form.

The software helps manage the practice, including but not limited to:

? Patient medical history, informed consent, treatment, and recalls

? Advanced imaging

? Insurance claims

? E-referral, a referral source tracking window

? Productivity and financial analysis

? Short call list for scheduling

? Treatment plan presentation

? Electronic claims and statements

? The Money Finder to uncover forgotten treatments

Also, Patterson officials are committed to seeing the implementation process through, promising on the website: ?One fast, hassle-free phone call for any support-related questions.?

Patterson Dental provides a variety of support options, including a database to answer user questions and a live chat feature. The Service Club Membership includes all of the above and unlimited toll-free telephone support, and product updates. In a previously published evaluation in Dental Product Shopper, many evaluators commented on the ?excellent? support they received. One evaluator said, ?Patterson is great. They respond quickly with talented help if you need help. The phone support is quite good also.?

New Innovations

Patterson recently launched the newest version of the software, Eaglesoft 16, which is the most significant release to date. One of the most notable features is line-item accounting so payments can be applied to specific line items.

This new version includes user interface upgrades, including customizable windows and dockable panels that allow the user to choose how much information to display on the Account and Appointment windows, as well as where to place the information.

In additon, this version features a patient toolbar that is present wherever you see the patient?s name, which allows navigation to any part of the patient?s record. The user can also process information on entire families when they are scheduled together. The office can even post charges for an entire family in one walkout process.

Jana Berghoff, RDH, FAADOM, corporate technology marketing manager for Patterson, said that although the guidelines on the electronic medical records upgrades are still in the works, it is inevitable that dentists will have to adopt this type of software in the future.

?My advice is to make sure they have the software they need and the technological backbone needed to support this effort,? Berghoff said. ?It is important to take these steps now so they are prepared when it does happen.?