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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/12/2014
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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, May 2, 2014 ? G. Franklin Shull, DMD, lectured at the Updates in Contemporary meeting on the value of adding digital photography and imaging to the clinician?s toolbox. Integrating these technologies into the clinical workflow can help make a practice more effective and efficient.

Dr. Shull demonstrated his techniques for dental photography, starting with the basics?camera selection, settings, and accessories that can help capture a better image. With the right technique and a little practice, any clinician can capture extremely high quality photos for a variety of uses. He showed that high-quality photos can not only help wow and educate the patient, but also provide quality before/after photos that can be used for marketing and advertising. 

Dr. Shull said that in addition to dental photography, digital intraoral radiography can provide a valuable diagnostic tool that any clinician can take advantage of. The quality of images provided by digital sensors has gotten better of the years, and the sensors available today are leaps and bounds ahead of those introduced just a few years ago. They can help save money on film, provide crisper images, and be a more comfortable experience for the patient.

In an interview with Dental Learning after the lecture, Dr. Shull stated that he uses Sirona?s Schick 33 digital intraoral sensors in his practice. He says they provide superior image quality and are easy to use from both a hardware and software standpoint.