Embrace WetBond Resin Cement

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 12/26/2011
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Embrace WetBond Resin Cement

Since introduction almost a decade ago, Embrace WetBond Resin Cement remains among the top cements in dentistry.

If it ain?t broke, don?t fix it. This common saying could be a logo for Pulpdent?s Embrace Wet- Bond Resin Cement. For years, the Embrace line has been many clinicians? go-to product when they needed a cement that bonds in a moist field.

While other cements have changed their names and formulations over the past decade, sometimes numerous times, Embrace has remained the same, because, simply put, it works ?the same, if not better, than others on the market,? said Larry Clark, who is Pulpdent?s Director of Marketing and Clinical Affairs. As evidence, Clark pointed to several independent studies demonstrating that the physical properties and retention values of Embrace are equivalent or greater than those of other leading manufacturers. 1, 2

According to materials provided by Pulpdent, Embrace WetBond Resin Cement is indicated for cementation of porcelain-fused-to-metal, gold, CEREC, and reinforced ceramics for crown and bridge; gold, metal, and fiber posts; and for inlays. It is also used for bonding stainless steel and nylon splinting materials.

Strength and Beauty

Embrace WetBond?s enhanced formula provides good strength, but also provides good esthetic qualities as well, according to Clark. The cement is lighter than A1 and B1, and is color stable when cured. It is also flouride releasing.

Embrace WetBond Resin Cement is moisture tolerant, self-etching to dentin and is self-adhesive, requiring no primers, silane, or bonding agents. The product instructions note that because the Embrace chemistry bonds to the moist tooth, it requires fewer steps, making it faster and easier to use than other products. Also, because the tooth is not desiccated, a frequent cause of sensitivity is eliminated.

Looking Ahead 

Clark stated that although the Embrace WetBond Resin Cement line has stood the test of time, Pulpdent has responded to requests from clinicians and developed additional products based on the same proprietary chemistry. Pulpdent?s Spee-Dee Build-Up line was developed when clinicians reported that they were using Embrace WetBond Resin Cement as a core build up material but suggested that a more highly filled material would be preferred for core build ups. The result was Spee-Dee Build-Up, a more viscous material that is perfectly suited for core build up procedures.

Clark was recently in Japan for the launch of Embrace WetBond Resin Cement in that country. ?We had a wonderful opportunity to sell in Japan, and so far, in just a month, sales have been great,? Clark said. ?Despite the earthquake and radiation concerns, our distributor was committed to proceeding with the launch. We felt it was necessary to support their decision to move forward.? Clark trained 60 salespeople in 6 cities, visited universities and clinics, and met with key clinicians.

Lessons from the Past

Four years ago, Dental Product Shopper evaluated Embrace WetBond, and at that time, the majority of evaluators rated the product as ?good to excellent.?

Four years later, Embrace Wet Bond Resin Cement remains as popular a choice today as it was then.


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