ErgoVision Magnifi cation Loupes

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/06/2011
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ErgoVision Magnification Loupes

SurgiTel?s line of loupes is known in the dental field for ergonomics and high-quality optics.

A leading provider of optical technology since 1932, General Scientific Corp. (GSC) has been many clinicians? choice for surgical telescopes, especially since the launch of the company?s SurgiTel line in 1992.

Before the line?s launch, company offi cials conducted extensive research, which revealed that while traditional surgical telescopes helped clinicians see better, their overall design ultimately caused users to work with harmful neck postures. With that direct customer information, SurgiTel patented multiple designs. Today, SurgiTel is one of 3 major companies in the United States that design and manufacture their own surgical telescopes, according to SurgiTel/ GSC President, Dr. B. J. Chang.

Dr. Chang told Dental Product Shopper that SurgiTel was founded on a dual commitment to real ergonomic benefi ts and high-quality optics. Both of these, combined with a wide range of frame options, add up to what SurgiTel calls the ErgoVision Advantage, assuring dental and medical professionals receive the best loupes available on the market today. SurgiTel?s recently introduced family of micro loupes demonstrates that the company is committed to continually updating and innovating. SurgiTel?s MicroLine of lightweight loupes allow users to wear loupes all day without having discomfort.

Preventing Pain

SurgiTel developed their patented brands of loupes to help clinicians prevent neck and back pain. The use of properly designed loupes can improve both vision and working posture.

According to published data, 52% of dentists have experienced neck pain and 58% of dentists have experienced lower back pain. So clinicians are urged to pay attention to proper working postures for long-term health.

Loupes Categories

Loupes can be classified into 2 types according to mounting methods: front-lens-mounted (FLM) loupes and through-the-lens (TTL) loupes. Oculars (or telescopes) of FLM loupes are mounted onto a special fixture and then the fixture is mounted to either frames or headbands.

There are many brands of FLM loupes, but they can be classifi ed into 2 styles. The fi rst is generic style FLM loupes, which do not offer custom declination angles and the other is custom/customizable style FLM loupes with vertical slide mechanisms, which offer custom declination angles for various procedures. Oculars of TTL loupes are imbedded into eyeglasses. The declination angle of TTL loupes is fixed.

?SurgiTel was the fi rst loupe company to integrate ergonomics and magnification,? Dr. Chang said. He said the ErgoVision HD FLM and TTL take into account the user?s neck posture and overall comfort.

In addition, SurgiTel has exclusively teamed up with Oakley Inc., the world?s leading performance eyewear brand, to create loupes with an excellent combination for protecting eyes, all-day comfort, and style. The exclusive Oakley framemounted telescopes feature enhanced comfort, performance, and durability, and they are well liked by clinicians because of their various styles and colors.

The Total Ergonomic Experience

The ergonomic practice of dentistry also requires ergonomic stools and good lighting. SurgiTel offers other ergonomic tools, including stools called ErgoComfort chairs and the lightweight Microline vision offerings, including Micro loupes and Micro LED headlights. Another offering by SurgiTel builds on their popular loupe brands. One of loupe-mounted SurgiCam Pro?s unique features is the user?s ability to capture a digital video of exactly what is viewed through a loupe or with direct vision to assist in making clinical treatment decisions by sharing information with patients.

With a focus on ergonomic benefits and high-quality optics, SurgiTel?s products have become the tried and true choice of many clinicians, who count on these products for durability, performance, and style.