Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/01/2014
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I became a Hiossen customer in 2011. Previously, I had been using a couple of other systems, but I was looking for a tapered implant that had a proven, reliable surface. In addition, I wanted an implant that provided a high degree of initial stability. The many impressive features of the ETIII SA implant met these criteria, so we added it to our armamentarium.

Stable Right Away

The aggressive threads and ideal thread pitch of the ETIII SA give the implant excellent initial stability. Its corkscrew threading also helps maintain the implant path with less sensitivity to the drill path. The apical design also contributes to high initial stability. 

On the Surface

The ?SA? in the brand name denotes Sand-blasted and Acid-etched. Hiossen?s proprietary surface-treatment process significantly increases surface area and roughness, creating a combination of craters and micro-pits. This surface promotes gene expression, cell differentiation, and proliferation. These conditions give the ETIII SA a high degree of osseointegration. The result is faster healing and the ability to load earlier. 

Platform Switching

I also appreciate the self-sealing taper at the implant/abutment interface. The hermetic seal minimizes micromovement and the subsequent risk of saliva and bacteria leakage. Additionally, the slightly smaller abutment keeps the interface away from bone. 

Less Bone, No Problem

When I first started using the ETIII SA, I had a case in which a patient wanted an immediate implant. Her bone quality was poor and after multiple attempts with another system, I was unable to place the implant. The patient was very disappointed. However I informed her I had a ?new? system that could work. Without changing anything with the osteotomy, I simply inserted an ETIII SA implant. The aggressive thread and apical cutting end allowed me to place an implant in less-than-desirable bone and to achieve an ideal result.

Since using this system I have had a high degree of success and many happy patients. What is striking about the ETIII SA system is that you get every aspect of a ?premium? implant at a very fair price. However, this is not a ?knock-off? implant by any means. Hiossen has studied the dental implant market extensively. Through comprehensive research and development, they took the best features of existing dental implant technology (SA surface, 0.8-mm thread pitch, internal 11-degree taper) and combined them into a single implant, the ETIII SA. By far, with its comprehensive selection of components, it has been the most successful implant in my practice.