Evolving Dentistry: How Willingness to Change Can Make You a Better Dentist

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/18/2013
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CINCINNATI, April 12, 2013 ? Ron Kaminer, DDS, addressed the attendees of Dental Learning?s Updates in Contemporary Dentistry meeting and stressed the importance of change in dentistry. He explained that the profession is in the midst of a paradigm shift toward minimally invasive dentistry, and now more than ever, it is crucial that clinicians embrace more modern forms of treatment for the benefit of the patient and the growth of the practice.

What is ?Minimally Invasive Dentistry??

Other than a popular a buzzword, how can we define ?minimally invasive dentistry?? Dr. Kaminer gave the audience a few handful of examples that can help get the job done in suitable cases while causing minimal trauma to the patient:

  1. Implants: Flapless procedures
  2. Periodontics: Lasers
  3. Endodontics: One file, reciprocal as opposed to full rotary
  4. Operative Dentistry: Digital radiography, caries detection, smaller burs, lasers

ChemotherapeuticsRon Kaminer, DDS

Dr. Kaminer supported the clinical use of chemotherapeutics as a noninvasive way to prevent caries from becoming a major problem. Treating decay early can reduce the need for more traditional, ?invasive? dentistry, resulting in a happier patient with better oral health.

Modern Caries Management

Dr. Kaminer explained the use of intraoral cameras and caries detection products, and protocols now on the market that can help drastically improve diagnostic capabilities. In addition, the use of remineralizing products can help arrest decay when it is found, before tooth structure must be removed.

Glass Ionomers in Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Kaminer explained that glass ionomer restoratives got a bad rap in the early days of their existence, but have a lot of great indications for minimally invasive dentistry today, including:

  1. Temporary restorative
  2. Permanent restorative
  3. Crown buildup material
  4. Restorative to seal root canals
  5. Base material
  6. Anti-caries
  7. Pediatric dentistry

Whitening: A Huge and Growing Market

Noting that Americans spent $1.4 billion on nonprescription tooth whitening in 2012, Dr. Kaminer introduced a few novel tooth-whitening tactics for practice growth. Sometimes, whitening doesn?t go as well as the patient expected. In order to ensure patient satisfaction, Dr. Kaminer offers a boutique option in his tiered whitening offerings. His highest tier package uses back-to-back whitening procedures to ensure great results every time.

Lasers as a Practice Builder

Lasers can play a major role in minimally invasive dentistry by significantly reducing bleeding and postoperative pain. They can help drive practice growth as well, as Dr. Kaminer said: ?Many dentists refer any cases requiring surgical removal of tissue with a scalpel to an oral surgeon. A diode laser enables them to retain some or most of these procedures.?

Concerns in Infection Control

Dr. Kaminer spoke about the importance of using disposable air/water syringe tips. In his slides, he showed how metal tips wear down and become corroded over time. This can result in a suboptimal connection to the unit and increased contamination on the inside.

Don?t Forget to Market Your New Offerings

Dr. Kaminer wrapped up his presentation by talking about the importance of the dentist?s website and how it markets the practice. He explained that your site should be full of important keywords that people are searching, based on the services you offer. As you adopt more modern technologies, you can add those to your website, so people searching for those services are likely to find you.

When interviewed after the meeting, Dr. Kaminer mentioned MI Paste and Remin Pro as examples of products that promote remineralization, neutralize acids, and strengthen teeth. Dr. Kaminer likened these products to ?liquid enamel.? Dr. Kaminer also explained his practice?s unique whitening offerings. On day 1, he uses SDI?s Pola Office+. The patient then comes back the next day for a round of Zoom! whitening. With certain cases like white spots or otherwise uneven coloration, Dr. Kaminer finds MI Paste can help deliver a better result. He also discussed the benefits of using AMD?s Picasso and Picasso Lite, which are two portable diode lasers at an affordable price point and Air Techniques? Spectra caries detector in this same interview. He said Spectra can improve clinical caries diagnosis by use of a non-invasive fluorescence technology, and said that he uses VivioSites for his personal website, and they handle all the SEO and off-page optimization for him, making sure he ranks high on search engines and generates new patients continuously.